Back to the roots: from Germany to Russia for Christmas. Intro post

Hello my dear friends. Today I had an idea of starting a casual series of posts in English only in order to share some of my unique experiences and also record them for future, in case I want to freshen up my memories again.

This time I won’t use German and ‘Werbung’ (although might sometimes write a commercial post every now and then). English is so much better for me and I can express myself better with it.

Not so many people know but I used to blog when I was 15 up to maybe 21. And the Internet was much cooler back then, not so crowded, zero ads. I just wanted to bring this fresh feeling back, even maybe for the time of my so-called winter break 🙂

My goal will be to make one post a day, maybe more. And keep it up until I am back to Germany. I am originally from Russia, but have been living in Germany for the last 6 years. This time my stay will be for approximately 3 weeks, which is one of the longest stays since 2014(2016)? Plus it has been awhile since I visited Russia for the New Years. So this time around I feel like a foreigner here (it’s crazy, right?).

Best regards,


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