Back to the roots: Day 1. Hunt for spices

Today was a very uneventful day. Me and my daughter both got sick, so we were practically stuck in the apartment for the last couple of days. We also skipped a big family event yesterday, because she was throwing up in the morning. Imagine that, I even bought outfits for both of us for the occasion, but maybe it was for good. I would NOT survive with a 2-year-old during a five hour event in a cold hall.

Today we went out for the first time alone without my husband or my mother in -2. The weather felt a bit severe, with snow and wind, but it’s nothing for Russians. They all keep complaining that this is not real Russian winter (I silently hope that it will stay like this for now).

It was a bit tricky maneuvering around the market with a buggy but we managed. I actually expected worse as in Russia it is more difficult to move with buggies than in Germany. It will still be impossible to go on the bus without people help me, I assume.

My goal was to look for some special spice shop as I have difficulties finding particular spices here for my cooking and baking. Russians prefer using simple spices like black pepper or herbs, or they even just get a ready-made spice mixes for chicken or beef. Unfortunately I could not find a shop like this, because I am staying in a suburban town and here people mostly cook simple food, so a spice shop would probably go bankrupt after a month.

Anyway, I did not go home completely empty handed. There was a nice Tatar lady with a small counter with spices and she unfortunately did not have any nutmeg (maybe even never heard of it). But I spotted grinded ginger at her shop, which is a really rare find. She had no idea she had it :). Also I saw curcuma and other stuff in big jars, so I told her I will definitely come back again.

It might seem crazy but recently I discovered that spices mean a lot to me. 6 years ago before I moved to Germany I used only black pepper and red paprika (I’m not joking). Now I have a mini cupboard at home full of different spices, and it is impossible to imagine my life without them.

That is all for today. Tomorrow I will hopefully be back with more posts 🙂

Have a great day,


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