Back to the roots: Day 2. Also 2 days without warm shower

Today I did something, that I didn’t do for many years – I actually boiled two big pots of water in order to wash myself. Imagine the hassle of carrying a heavy pot with boiling water from the kitchen to bathroom, praying that you won’t spill the water on yourself. But the desire to feel like a human won over my fear of getting a burn, so I made it. Of course, in the middle of my ‘shower’, I realized, that the warm water was back (*face palm*).

It might sound like a fantasy, but this is a reality for most of Russians. Every now and then there is simply no hot and/ or cold water at home. No notification in advance most of the time, and in summer sometimes they might turn off hot water for as long as 2 weeks. I can imagine that in Germany it would cause even a lawsuit, here people are used to those things.

I’m not even mentioning sudden cuts of electricity supply on working days between something like 8 AM and 5PM. Because most of people are at work and nobody would even notice 🙂

These and other things are all part of a big picture called the reality of living in Russia. For me it is not something to rant about, but rather a nostalgic peculiarity.

Best regards,


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