Back to the roots: Day 4 Adjustments

I just realized, that moving to another country even just for a few weeks takes a lot of adjustments. Food, change of routines, weather, language. You are out of your familiar bubble and suddenly have to face the reality of a completely different world. Not even mentioning the people that you left behind (even if it’s a short-term parting). I do have it easier, of course, as I speak my native language here and can navigate pretty well.

But still, I’m here with my little toddler, constantly trying to get her to go out and have some fresh air. Weather is a bit cool, I started coughing as well, and the streets are pretty dirty at times. The playgrounds are mainly built for summer time, in winter they have ice everywhere, so if the child falls, it will be very painful. In Germany we play out throughout the whole year, only staying home on a rainy day. We survive by going to paid indoor playgrounds, they really save the day.

I’m also particularly worried about her potty training at the moment. We managed to have success and she has not been using diapers for the last 4-5 months. These days I seem to always need some extra clothes for her, it is getting really difficult to make it work. Could it be caused by stress or weather change? I’m hoping that it will be better as the warm days are back.

I’m feeling a bit down today, maybe because it is Monday. Or because I slightly burned a piece of clothing while warming up the milk in the morning (my bad). We are currently in this weird state of things, but there is also a lot of blessing in going through some temporary hardships.

Have a nice time of the day xx


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