Back to the roots: Day 6. Happy kids

Yesterday I completely forgot to post here, but to be honest I didn’t have time at all. We were hosting a little birthday party, and I was busy cooking food. Normally I have a little break during my daughter’s nap, yesterday I spent this time frying chicken legs, cutting up vegies and all other things 😄.

In the end we ended up cooking too much food (like all Russians do), so we have lots of leftovers. You can never predict, what people will like. At least I don’t have to cook today 🙂.

The person who enjoyed yesterday’s party the most was my daughter. She loved having a house full of guests, particularly she played a lot with her little cousin, who is just about 8 months older. I did not even need to look after her the whole evening. These two immediately formed a playing coalition and were doing fine on their own.

Having kids around, growing up in a nice family environment – this is what I am missing in Germany. I always have to force her communicating with other kids, take her to playgrounds and little gatherings. Maybe it is just because she is not in the kindergarten. But here in Russia she is naturally always playing with some kids, most of my friends have kids, relatives also.

In Germany it’s a bit tricky also because of German language. She does not speak it yet, although she understands a bit. It’s difficult to explain, but in Germany socialising with people is not that natural. You have to plan in advance, people are always busy with their own personal schedules. In Russia people are more flexible, you can just call them up and spontaneously arrange a gathering.

It was a big pleasure for me to see her speak Russian, play and relax independently from me. She almost wrecked the whole house, and they spent at least half an hour just jumping on the floor and screaming. Our neighbours from downstairs didn’t complain, they also have a lot of small kids at their home. In Germany they would have already called the police 😄.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas celebration (if you celebrate). Wishing you a great day ❤

Best regards,


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