Back to the roots: Day 7 Public transport ride alone with a child in Russia

Hello, I know I skipped a day or two here, but I was just too busy and did not want to force a blog post.

The title of this blog post might sound stupid: what could really happen on a simple public transport ride with a child? I thought the same, I mean I go alone with a child and the buggy all the time in Berlin. Of course, not every station in Berlin has an elevator, so I have to plan ahead. But with buses and trams I’m always sure that I will have no problem with the ride.

Well, in Russia it is very different. I already noticed, that many Russians with kids about 2 years old simply don’t use the buggy anymore (in Germany they use up to 3 and older). It’s probably because it’s simply impossible to go with a buggy everywhere, for me it’s not the option yet. My daughter gets tired quickly when walking and then she would ask me to carry her in her heavy winter outfit.

Anyway, I took one ride there and back by bus on my own with a buggy two days ago to visit my friend in the city centre. I thought, let’s just do it once, nothing bad should happen. The first ride was actually pretty good, except for the fact that I literally couldn’t get on or off the bus on my own. There were several steps and a big gap between the bus and the bus stop. But everyone was very friendly and they immediately offered their help to carry the buggy up and down. There was just one older man who said like 5 times: “So many buggies, it hasn’t been like that before”. There were in total 3 buggies on the bus, I guess it was a big deal for him.

My way back home was absolutely the opposite of being enjoyable. My friend advised me not to take a bus with steps and gave me a tip that there are new types of busses (white colour) that do not have a step on them. This was literally my only chance to get on the bus. Also, unfortunately the rush hour was approaching (it’s about 4PM in small cities), so nobody would help me get on the bus anymore.

So I took the risk and was standing on a crowded bus stop with -12 degrees praying for this white bus to come. I was really ready to let a couple of busses pass, if they have steps. There were several taxi cars available, but they almsot never have a child seat or a place to put the buggy in there.

After waiting for about 20 minutes in a freezing cold with a sleeping child in the buggy I gave up on idea of choosing busses and decided to try to fight my way to the first option available. When I saw a white bus without a step, I rushed their like a warrior, and just went ahead to the special area for buggies. The bus got so full, that I hardly squeezed myself in, and there was a person standing in the area for buggies, who simply didn’t move and just stood there.

Then it gets interesting. That lady started bad mouthing me in the next instant, and she was talking pretty loud, but was addressing other people. She was literally standing right next to me, so I could not resist but answer back.

– Those ladies with buggies should choose a bus that they ride. It’s too full, people go back home from work now

– OK, let me go back to the freezing cold now and wait for another half an hour until my child gets sick

– I even thought of giving space to her buggy but she never asked me to do that (still addressing other people)

– Could you please stop that already, I think it is fine now. Let’s just tolerate this ride for a bit.

-Why should I stop? Am I bothering you?

– Yes, you are. You are being loud and my child is sleeping. Could you please lower your voice?

– (Raising her voice even more) I am not being loud at all! And I am not talking to you, by the way.

– I do not have a problem with you talking to other people as long as you don’t talk about me.

Only then would she stop being ridiculous. Thanks God other people were more understanding, we managed to find a place for everyone, although I was standing for maybe ten minutes in a very weird pose. I guess it was a good lesson for me, NOT to ride a bus alone with a buggy. Or even just take a taxi next time with a child seat (which costs x3 times more).

I find it strange, the excuse that I should take the bus only outside of the rush hour. Why should I? So should I annoy my friend and hang out in her house until late in the evening just to get home in peace and quiet? This logic is really wrong, as if me having a child and the buggy makes me a burden for the society.

I told my husband about this and of course he was shocked. So I think me on a public transport with a buggy is not going to happen again until I am really forced to. Then I will be prepared to fight and quarrel just to get myself a basic right of riding a bus 😅.

Have a great day everyone,

Aysylu xx

4 thoughts on “Back to the roots: Day 7 Public transport ride alone with a child in Russia

  1. Great story. My girlfriend here in the U.S. has this irrational fear of being stuck on an elevator with a Russian. I don’t know where that comes from, neither does she. We’re sure that Russians are fine people, maybe something she saw on television as a child? Anyway, great post. Happy new year and thank you for following.


    • Hehe, that is indeed irrational fear. She would probably enjoy a talk in the elevator (if the Russian speaks English) and just talk for a long time about life, listen to anecdotes etc.😅Happy new year to you too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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