Back to the roots: Day 10. Socializing at the local market

Hello, my dear friends. We are currently in a post-new-year mood, all the main shops are closed until tomorrow, also a play room unfortunately. You could think, where can one go, when all the shops are closed in Russia. The answer is simple: go to the local market!

In my hometown the market consists of many small stalls in the form of small shops. Very often there is just a place for 2 to 3 customers inside, so at busy times a shop would look like an exclusive club, difficult to get in or out.

Each little shop specialises on something particular: dairy products, cheeses, meat or sweets. The ladies (mostly) work in their shops for years, they probably own them. The supply is very frequent, most of the fresh food gets sold out by the end of the day. And nobody will buy milk from yesterday, there is always something fresh from the morning.

I find this market amazing, especially when I remember our supermarkets in Germany. The way milk tastes here, the way the meat looks, it’s all so different. The prices here are also unbelievably cheap, but you need to have a good connection with a salesperson. Because if you know the person, she would tell you, what tastes the best and what is the freshest stuff. They might even make you a discount 🙂

Many elder people go to the market every day, so they can talk to other ladies at the market. Plus it is always a good chance to meet a friend or acquaintance on the way, everyone knows you anyway. Today one of the ladies selling meat told my mother a very personal story about her daughter. My mother doesn’t even know that lady well. This shows me, how open the Russian people are (especially in small cities). Despite all the stereotypes about their “coldness”.

I will go ahead and watch some cartoons with my daughter. Wish you a pleasant evening❤


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