Back to the roots: Day 11 A story of an old cloth hanger// My family and “blogging”

Hello, my dear friends. Before putting my daughter to sleep I saw something interesting, an old cloth hanger, that was owned by my uncle. It could be a pretty trivial thing to write about, but nothing is as simple as it seems.

My uncle died around 1997, when I was still a child. He was an extraordinary man, different from other family members. A brilliant lawyer, always trying to improve, reading books, travelling, taking pictures. He even owned a cool pair of sunglasses, that are back in fashion nowadays. Before becoming a lawyer he went to war (WW2) and fought in Japan.

Unfortunately his private life was not very happy, he divorced and lived his later years alone. So after he died most of his belongings were taken by my dad, his brother. In post USSR years nobody had money to buy stuff, so many trivial objects like cloth hangers, lamps, books, even old clock, all of them stayed in our home for many years.

What does this have to do with “blogging”? My uncle (and my father as well) always wrote down stuff, like a diary. Day after day. They wrote notes, marked pages in the books. Last year I found an old postcard from my uncle, where he wrote something like this: “I received this postcard on 25th of October 1988 as an invitation for a reunion party with my college friends. They also called me on the landline. We went to cafe and I spent 20 kopeikas to buy some flowers”. That sounds pretty much like blogging, right? 😊

He wrote on the back of each photograph, where the picture was taken, on which date. Sometimes he would also write some details of the day, the temperature and overall impressions. My father did similar things, maybe not that obvious. I started writing a diary when I was 13 or 14, so it must have been already in my DNA.

Coming back to the cloth hangers. My uncle ALWAYS wrote down with a pen on the cloth hanger the date, when he bought it. He also signed them with his surname. The one that I saw today is 28th of March 1987. This one is older than me, like all of them actually.

It just seems unbelievable, that this hanger still silently reminds us of him in 2020(!), after so many events happened, after I moved to Germany and there is a little child sleeping in another room, his direct relative. It’s like a scream from the past but also a sign of how the times pass by so quickly. One thing is for sure, if my uncle lived in our times, he would have been a successful blogger or a journalist😊. I wish I could talk to him now, he must have been a very interesting person.

Best regards,


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