Back to the roots: Final post

Hello, today I’m writing my post from the airport after a sleepless night due to a long, rather inconvenient flight connection. My daughter and husband ran off somewhere (she is getting restless), and I just woke up after accidentally falling asleep at the cafe table. What a night!

I decided that there should be a post summing up my one month of living in Russia. To be honest, I am still looking forward to coming back to my apartment in Berlin, even though I am well aware, what I dislike about my life there. One month in Russia still felt satisfying, it inspired me a lot in many ways. I definitely see myself living there again after my situation is more settled with career or business. Now my hands are still tied due to various reasons.

I also looked with different eyes at my husband after spending some time apart (he had to go back to Germany to settle some work issues). It is such a blessing to be together with your soulmate,who has similar views. Many of my friends in Russia have husbands not willing to travel at all. My husband is always pushing me to travel more, it is normally me, who says: ‘Let’s save up a bit. It’s not a stable situation yet’. Hopefully we will travel more in the second part of this year, not only to Russia.

This time, as always, I understood my roots and my past much better than before. Every trip home enriches me a lot, I become wiser and more open to challenges. And my daughter definitely improved her Russian and became more socially active 😀.

My blog will hopefully function in a similar way as before, I have a lot of honest product reviews planned (German and English). I might still experiment with writing personal posts in English, we will see.

Wishing you a great beginning to this week.

Best wishes from Budapest,


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