How the WW2 still affects us…literally// We got evacuated

Hello, my dear readers. Since I am back to Berlin, things haven’t been really steady here. Constantly trying to get back to the regular regime, but it really doesn’t seem to work. For example, this evening went really different from the usual. And all “thanks” to the Second World War. Yes, literally.

Living in Berlin has many perks, but you are always reminded about the history here. I’m not the right person to comment on right or wrong (also based on my background), all I know is that the war still left its deadly breath in this city. Apart from the museums and monuments you pretty much can see the bullet holes in the buildings everywhere in the city centre. My father-in-law jokes, that these are the holes from “my people” i.e. Russians. Well, you can’t really tell, whom these holes belong to.

Every now and then, maybe every 5-6 months they find an old WW2 bomb somewhere and then have to diffuse it and evacuate everybody. It’s like a peculiarity of Berlin, everyone is used to it. Except that is rather traumatic, when the bomb is found in your area.

This happened to us today, we could see the police roaming around, the location of that bomb was almost right in front of our window. I was jokingly saying: “Oh, what if they decide to evacuate us”. Then of course this exact thing happened 😀. We were on the way to meet my father-in-law, when the elevator opened in front of us, fully packed with police officers. They told us to hang around this evening further away from the area, not sure until when. We had to leave our apartment within a few minutes.

I almost got discouraged and imagined, that we will have to book a hotel room for tonight, but luckily it lasted only until midnight. We were checking the updates on Twitter of Berlin police while occupying a place of our family friend. It was actually pretty tolerable even though we had a little toddler with us.

Situations like this just always remind me, that whatever plan you make, you can never predict, how your evening (morning, afternoon) will turn out. It is all out of our hands. And the war is amazingly still affecting us, even though it is “just” a 250 kg bomb of Russian origin (ironically for me). There must be thousands of bombs around us, waiting to be discovered, still unknown. And even more hidden old bombs around the world, of course…

I am now going to relax a bit before going to bed, it was a bit too adventurous and tiring today. Wishing you all a great night ❤

Best regards from Berlin,


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