Stay at home mom…It is my choice

Hello, my dear friends. I feel that I haven’t posted anything personal for a while. Honestly our last week was horrible, me and my daughter suddenly got very sick. She is almost recovered now, I am annoyingly still not quite there. We literally spent almost 6 days at home, also partly because of typical Berlin rainy weather. Well, staying at home with an active toddler is no joke… Let’s hope for better days, we are still recovering and leaving home for only short walks.

Today’s post was in my head for the last two weeks, but I was just too overwhelmed with everything that is going on around me. Still, I think it is important to share my thoughts, so you can also find out more about me.

So I have been in the maternity leave for the last 2,6 years. It’s very likely that I will stay ‘at home’ at least this much more to look after other kids. So working in the traditional way is not an option for me. My child still does not go to kindergarten, and I am very happy to be able to afford staying with her while my husband is working. She still needs a lot of care, she gets sick and very often just needs some cuddles when she has her day nap. And there is nothing wrong with it as she is still very young.

My friend asked me recently: ‘Don’t you miss going to work? How does it feel to stay at home so long?’. I was really puzzled by this question. Well, I don’t really ‘stay at home’. In fact I barely do. We are always on the move: walks at the playground, zoo, family centre, cafes, visiting grandpa, travelling. Add here my blogging events once a month, doctor appointments, errands. In the traditional sense I am a horrible housewife, I hardly keep up with things like laundry and cleaning, my husband often cooks for me 😄.

And all of this happens with only one child, what would be with two or three kids? How do the working moms survive? Do they have a perfectly clean house and home cooked meals every day? Compared to those women I feel myself blessed and of course not really ‘limited’. My mind is still sharp and I have grown a lot mentally in the last few years. Maybe the concept of a housewife being not a feminist, being stuck is just a notion of the past?

I guess blogging changed the picture a lot. Writing and editing my blog posts, keeping up-to-date with the newest beauty and food trends, visiting events and meeting founders, content creators. It still feels so much fun, that I completely forget, that I am a ‘housewive’ 😅. In my first year of maternity leave I even took some programming courses just before my blogging suddenly started taking too much time. Last year I almost opened a business. Maybe one day I will try it again 😊.

The times changed a lot and I really feel annoyed, how often people underestimate the caretakers and home stay moms. It’s also a work, just it is pretty much unpaid. We are busy the whole day and night. We put on makeup, dress up and go out, when we feel like it. Life continues, it is not a long holiday of not doing anything. It is also challenging and it is probably the most important job in the world.

So do I miss going to work, where I had immense amounts of stress? No. I had it all: Master degree, working in a start up, working in a regular office, even teaching at college. The only stupid thing that I miss is dressing up the ‘smart’ way and carrying a fancy handbag. That’s it. But, again, I could probably wear even those whenever I want to, because it is my choice.

Best wishes,


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