My life at the moment: delays, cancellation of plans. Virus spreading in Germany

Hello, my dear readers. We are at this annoying stage, when everything is put on hold, and I am sure it is like this for the most of the world now. What you see on the news: virus, closing of borders between the countries. It might sound like it is something, that does not concern you at all. We felt the influence of these events already, and it is amazing and sad at the same time, of course.

Closing of borders between EU and Turkey. My husband’s company is about to open a store, but they decided to deliver some equipment from Turkey by cars. Only one car made it through the border, the other ones were stuck and had to turn back. As a result the opening is delayed until at least beginning of May. Which means less work and change of contract conditions.

Virus, you sure know the name of it. My mom was planning to visit us soon, but then the virus started spreading across Germany, so we decided to wait a bit with her visa application. Which seems to be the right decision as Russia now introduced restrictions for travellers from Germany. If my mother ended up going to Germany, she would have to be quarantined for 14 days, when she comes back to Russia. This is not pleasant at all, and might be a disaster for her work as she can’t afford staying home for so long.

All these events make me feel a bit depressed and helpless, there is really nothing we can do at the moment. Also I have an important event coming up and my mother’s presence would be essential for it. We have to wait until the travel restrictions are seized, but nobody can predict, how long it will take until it all calms down.

If you are interested,things are pretty steady in Berlin, but you can see, that many people are avoiding going out much these days because of the fear of the virus. My doctor’s waiting room is normally full, you can’t even find a chair to sit. Last week I went for a check up, and there were almost no patients there. The nurse said, that not so many people show up these days. Supermarket shelves with daily essentials are getting empty instantly. And the airport is half empty. I do not want to support the panic, but I’m definitely feeling down these days.

I’m trying to distance myself from reading too much in the media, but it is almost impossible as the German newspapers and websites are going crazy about everything. Did the virus already affect your way of life or your surroundings?

Best regards,


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