Waiting for a big shutdown

I decided to write a second blog post today as the other one I prepared beforehand and it shows only one side of my mood at the moment. The truth is that I am still shocked and confused about the world situation at the moment. Berlin is officially shutting down and closing everything, except for maybe supermarkets, hospitals and pharmacies. Now my only hope is that they will keep the outdoor playgrounds open (which seems that they will not) or at least let us all have walks in the parks and enjoy the beautiful spring air. Staying at home with a kid is like a torture for everybody, especially as the warmer days are coming now.

Of course, I understand, that these measures are necessary, but deep inside it is really scary, how suddenly our lives changed in the last several days. The borders are shut, we are not free to move anymore and people are fighting at the supermarkets over flour or an extra pack of toilet paper. Let’s cheer up together and wait for this period to pass.

I am finding my motivation in the beautiful spring and looking forward to some other events this year. Nature has an amazing healing effect for the soul and its beauty cannot be hidden or dimmed by anything. The reason of this post is also to make a remark for myself for future: trust our creator and let it go. Because we really cannot control anything, no matter how much we try.

Have a great night everyone.

Best wishes,


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