Quarantine life update: what changed so far

Hello, my dear friends. Hope you are doing fine and you are healthy. We are still staying home, and I assume it will take us another month, before we really begin living ‘as usual’ (still with social distancing obviously). I just wanted to share some of the small changes, that I had in the last few weeks, maybe you can relate to some of them.

  1. We bake a lot.

My daughter is super happy about it and she learnt many ways to help me with baking, including pouring out milk and mixing the dough with a spoon. It seems that she is getting better every time and there is now almost no mess after we are done. We bake several times a week, if possible. And all the food disappears within a few days. Yeah, we will probably gain a lot of weight while staying at home 🙂

2. Less walking, more home workouts

Unfortunately we cannot keep up with our previous routines of daily walks. Partly because I do not want us to be exposed too much to the virus, but also because we became more lazy. And our daily routine is so messed up at the moment, that we leave the house only around noon, just before lunch. To compensate that, we do several home workouts per week and my daughter is coping all my yoga moves 🙂

3. I started meditating.

I downloaded a famous meditation app and try to commit to 5 minutes a day. It does not always work out, but it feels refreshing and calming. Would only recommend to you.

4. I do not wear make-up and use almost no skincare products

Let’s be honest, nobody cares, how you look, when you sneak out for 10 minutes to buy some bread and eggs. I find it refreshing and it spares a lot of time for me. It also means I am saving up money by not buying new cosmetic products as I do not really need them at the moment. I got used to my natural look and feel really satisfied. If possible, I would like to keep up this experiment until late summer. There is no need to put on make-up in summer anyway, when it is hot.

As you can see, I am finally getting used to being ‘locked up’. After all, we have it much better here in Germany in comparison to other countries. I am more disturbed by the fact, that we won’t be able to travel in the nearest future and won’t be able to see our relatives. But we have to live with this fact for now and embrace it in our mind.

Wishing you a great time of the day.


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