First week with a baby

Good evening my dear friends. At the moment I am sitting in the kitchen and eating my dinner, that my lovely husband prepared. The last week I cooked only a couple of things, because I am constantly holding the baby on my arms. It seems that we are beginning to find a rhythm with two kids, but I am definitely mentally exhausted.

She is the sweetest kid and is less complicated than her older sister. She sleeps fairly a lot, but demands my presence most of the time. I end up spending half of the day in bed while binge watching some Korean series or just googling something. My older daughter naps with us once a day, the rest of the time she spends with her grandpa and dad. I am super lucky to have their support, otherwise I would end up breaking down for sure.

I’m preparing myself for a break from blogging, but at the same time I feel already bored and want to do stuff. Should I continue with my reviews? Seems a bit strange to write posts about make-up while I’m stuck the whole day in my jogging pants at home with a newborn napping on my arms. At the same time I’m really missing doing something creative and productive.

I guess I will take it slow and gradually find my way with time. Thank you for your support, hope you all are doing great and staying healthy.

Best regards,


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