Women are the natural masters of self-isolation

This phrase struck me as soon as I’ve heard it from someone. It is so true, even if we all complain about being stuck with kids at home during the pandemic, any mother could relate, that it is not uncommon for us to stay for weeks without going out.

Let me give you an example. My best friend has two kids: 1 year old and 5 year old. Whenever one of them gets sick, they all stay home for about a week until the child is better. Even before the Covid-19 it was always a common sense to stay home not to infect others. And running around with a sick child is also not fun, it could slow down the recovery process.

When the cold season begins, both of her kids start getting sick multiple times, then she gets sick, then her husband. It can repeat several times per season. And then there are just cold or nasty rainy days, when you also stay home…

I have been practically self-isolated since end of February now. First it started with a wave of sickness in our family. It was a nasty virus, especially that I was pregnant, it was almost unbearable. When we recovered we would eventually go out a couple of times and then somebody would get sick again. Then there was the actual state quarantine. Then it was a delivery of my baby daughter. Now we are staying at home with a baby and only going out for doctor check ups.

My husband does the grocery shopping and I go out maximum a couple of times a week only when it is necessary. It almost got funny at some point, when one of my neighbour friends discovered, that we have a baby now. She didn’t see me for so long, that she wasn’t even aware that I was pregnant 😅. She said: ‘You secretly had a baby’.

Next month I am hoping to start taking walks again. I’m really missing the smell of fresh spring air. Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to enjoy my favourite season at all. And when you wear a mask outside, you can’t even smell the spring freshness.

Anyway, I am staying positive, because, as I said before, it is not uncommon for us to self-isolate. There will come a day, when we can walk freely again, then we will remember these crazy times with a smile 🙂

Stay healthy and safe 🙏.

Best regards,


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