House of Coffee Hamburg – CaffeCel TURQUESA – Espresso Kaffee

*Werbung – das Produkt wurde mir kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt*

Hallo, Ihr Lieben. Obwohl wir diesen Sommer nirgendwo hingereist sind, haben wir es trotzdem geschafft, zu Hause erstklassigen portugiesischen Kaffee zu genießen.

Zum Testen haben wir 1 kg von Espresso Kaffee CafféCel “Turquesa” erhalten. Diese Sorte besteht aus 30% Arabica und 70% Robusta, damit hat der Kaffee eine mittlere Säure und unvergleichlichen Crema. Solche Kombination von Arabica und Robusta ist ganz typisch für die Iberische Halbinsel.

Für uns ist dieser Kaffee der beste, den wir jemals zu Hause gebrüht haben. Könnte daran liegen, dass es um ganze Bohnen geht, aber die Qualität und der ausgezeichnete Geschmack dieses Kaffees sind unbestreitbar. Jetzt kann ich wahrscheinlich nicht mehr Kaffee beim Bäcker kaufen, zu Hause schmeckt es viel besser 🙂 .

Wenn Ihr diesen Kaffee auch probieren wollt, könnt Ihr einen 5€ Gutschein benutzen “ILoveCaffeCel5” (gültig bis 30.09.2020). Einfach bei vorbeischauen, es gibt eine ganze Menge von tollen Kaffeespezialitäten.

//Hello, my dear friends. I am a hardcore tea fan, you could tell by the look at our pantry, I can’t even remember all of the teas that I have. Nevertheless, recently I have been trying different types of coffee and somehow got into loving this hot stuff. It just happened that I was given an opportunity to try a first class espresso from Portugal (all thanks to House of Coffee Hamburg). How could I refuse that?:) So this project was about enjoying a nice cup of coffee and imagining yourself to be somewhere in Portugal. I’m sure, many of you would not mind being there now 🙂

House of Coffee Hamburg sent me for PR purposes 1 kilo of Espresso coffee CafféCel “Turquesa”. It is a very unique sort of coffee, containing 30% of Arabica and 70% of Robusta. It makes the coffee taste mildly bitter, but very creamy. It’s a very typical taste for the region, especially fitted for coffee creations with a lot of milk, foam and cream. We make a very simple coffee and add a regular unsweetened condensed milk. Tastes just wonderful.

This experience with coffee probably made me incapable of ever ordering a latte in some small baker’s shop. Because our coffee at home tastes just amazing and so much better. Maybe it is also because we are talking about whole beans here and using them always makes a huge difference. Still, neither me or my husband can deny the fact, that this coffee has a very unique taste and the aroma is deep and refined.

Funny fact: we actually bought a coffee grinder specifically for this occasion. On my first morning trying the new coffee I realized, that I simply can’t open the grinder. First time in 3 years of living in my house I went down to our neighbors and asked for help. A neighbor from downstairs was completely shocked to see me in the morning with a coffee grinder in my hand. Such situations almost never happen in Berlin, in fact, we hardly know, who lives next to us.

Coming back to this amazing coffee, I have a 5 Euro discount code for you in case you live in Germany and want to try out some nice espresso. The code is  “ILoveCaffeCel5” (valid until 30.09.2020). Simply visit the website and enter the code at the checkout.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

Best regards,


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