Why my recent blog posts didn’t get likes


Wondering why your recent blog post on WordPress didn’t get any likes? I might know the answer as I have been experiencing it more often recently.

Once I sat down on my old blog post, which I’ve been meaning to publish since February and finally made it. My blog post draft has been changed many times and it has been hanging in there for months. I hit the ‘Post’ button and nothing happened. The post was not visible on my page among my last 5 posts, not even in the last 10 posts. And it was not in the drafts either. It was gone.

Out of desperation I contacted the customer service of WordPress and the person in the chat was very quick and helpful. He or she found my post and said, that it was published in FEBRUARY. That is why it was not visible for me or in the feed of my followers. When I clicked on the ‘Post’ button, I forgot to change the posting date from February to today. I literally posted in the past😅.

A couple of days ago made the same mistake and posted ‘five days ago’. The solution for this is simple: change the date as soon as you notice the mistake. Otherwise your likes count and visits will sink.

I’m thinking now, whether this is a real bug or just a problem of usability. In the past I used to be a product manager in IT department and a similar problem would be my task. In my opinion such a logic should not exist. You cannot post ‘in the past’, similar to not being able to choose a date in the future as your date of birth.

Today’s blog post was a bit nerdy from my side. But maybe some of you might find it useful.

Be well and stay safe.

Best regards,